How You Can Help

If you have an interest in promoting informed consent rights and educating others about vaccine issues and Florida vaccine laws, you can help in ANY of the following ways:

Distribute vaccine information

You can print documents from the website for distribution and email KNOW to request marketing information be sent to you for distribution.

KNOW postcards have valuable website links and handy information about vaccine laws and exemptions. You can distribute KNOW postcards to your local health food stores, restaurant bulletin boards, community groups, chiropractor clinics, etc. Contact us for KNOW postcards.

Sign up for Action Alerts

By signing up for Action Alerts you give us permission to send you Action Alert emails to keep you informed about legislation, current events and important news related to vaccine happenings.

You can forward these emails to your contacts and/or use sample letters we provide to fax to your legislators and local media contacts.

Tell us your story

School administrators, doctors/nurses/hospitals, employers and government officials are often either misinformed or not fully informed about vaccine laws, exemption provisions, limitations of authority and contraindications/precautions for vaccinating. Admissions and exemption procedures at county health departments, schools and medical facilities vary throughout the state. This leads to confusion and fear, unlawful denial of services, intimidation tactics, human rights violations, unnecessary burdens of proof and tragic vaccine accidents.

Share your vaccine experiences dealing with schools, doctors, health departments. You can add comments where indicated on the KNOW website, let us know How Your County Rates with exemption compliance and/or you can click Tell Us Your Story.

Call, Write & Fax Letters

Contact Newspapers & Media

Let us know when you come across news stories about vaccines in your local newspaper or other media service. Be sure to call or write letters to the editors or station managers to let them KNOW you are interested in vaccine matters. You can link to your local media providers directly from the KNOW website.

Contact Legislators

Stay informed about vaccine laws. Sign up for Action Alerts or check in with the KNOW website for current happenings about vaccine legislation and help us educate our legislators.

Your calls and faxes are needed to protect informed consent rights and religious freedom. You can link to your legislators directly from the KNOW website.

FAX YOUR MESSAGE! It is essential for the success of any educational campaign that you fax your legislators. Emails are deleted, and snail mail is shredded BUT faxes MUST be saved for a minimum of seven years which means someone has to read, record and file your fax. This adds a greater gravity to your message!

Become a KNOW network leader

KNOW Vaccines is organizing a statewide educational campaign and network of KNOW supporters to promote vaccine awareness and to help the citizens of Florida retain and exercise their right to informed consent and make informed health care decisions for themselves and their families.

We invite you to become a KNOW network leader …

If you are interested in becoming educated about the issues so that you can speak with authority on these matters to your family, friends and associates, or

If you want to be a contact person in your area to gather and disseminate information for KNOW, or

If you have a desire to become more actively involved in leadership roles or have a special area of interest (such as lobbying/legislation, autism groups, church outreach, speaking, etc.)

KNOW Vaccines Education Campaign

Our goal is to educate the public about the vaccine controversy and to promote informed consent rights in the following venues:

Local Area Networking (city, county and/or voting district)

We want to know what is going on locally with county health departments, schools, and doctor offices. We want to get information distributed to local health food stores, chiropractors, civic organizations, libraries, etc. and to people in your area who request more information. Please tell others about the KNOW website and let us know what is going on in your area.

Legislative Outreach

We want our state legislators to know that Florida citizens want our elected representatives to protect informed consent rights and health care freedom.

We want philosophical exemption, non-discrimination of employment or services due to vaccine choice or status and for parents to be able to opt out of the current vaccine schedule without penalty from insurance or doctors.

We need advocates who will keep tabs on what is going on in state government, follow vaccine and health care bills and educate the players involved with the legislative process.

Church & Synagogue Outreach

We want religious leaders and parochial school administrators to know that Florida law provides for religious exemption and to support their members who have a religious conflict with the practice of vaccination.


We want to local media to have letters to editor and other vaccine-related stories from their subscribers and viewers. We want the media to KNOW that Florida citizens want informed consent rights and health care freedom.


Your participation in our educational campaign can be whatever works for you…from simply handing literature out to friends or telling someone about vaccines to being a contact person for our statewide network. Whatever you can do to help is greatly appreciated.

You will be joining thousands of other concerned citizens and health care professionals across the country to create a critical mass of voices demanding informed consent rights, religious freedom and health care choices.

Did you KNOW?

The KNOW website is visited daily by people across the country (not just Florida) and is often one of the top listings on vaccine searches. We are linked to from many other vaccine websites. Visitors to the KNOW website are very grateful for the informative details about Florida laws and the FAQs on the religious exemption process. We email and talk with people every day about specific questions and problems they have with schools, doctors, etc. when exercising their religious and civic rights.