Questions to Ask BEFORE Vaccination

Most people put more research into the car they buy than the medical procedures they consent to or the medications they take.  This is especially true of vaccinations.  Vaccination is a medical procedure that carries a risk of injury or death.  As a parent, it is your responsibility to become educated about the benefits and risks of vaccines in order to make the most informed and responsible vaccination decisions.

If you choose to give your child a vaccine, you can minimize the risk of detrimental effect or a reaction by asking the following questions:

Is my child sick right now?

Has my child had a reaction to a previous vaccine?

Does anyone in our family have history of:

vaccine reactions
convulsions or neurological disorders
severe allergies
immune system disorders

Do I know if my child is at high risk for adverse reaction?

Do I have full information on the vaccine’s side effects?

Do I know how to identify a vaccine reaction?

Do I know how to report a vaccine reaction?

Do I know the vaccine manufacturer’s name and the lot number?

Have I told the doctor not to give multiple vaccines at once?

You may also want to consider having blood titers drawn by your physician to see if your child already has antibodies for the scheduled vaccines.