Vaccines from Abortion: The Hidden Truth

For over thirty years pharmaceutical companies have been quietly producing vaccines using the remains of aborted babies, a fact that was deliberately hidden from the general public for decades. But as the grisly details emerged through several pro-life publications, a growing number of parents and physicians were both shocked and deeply disturbed to discover the truth surrounding these vaccines — and rightfully so! What follows is just the tip of the iceberg!

During the 1964 Rubella epidemic some doctors advised rubella-infected pregnant women to abort their children, based on the fear their baby might be born with birth defects. Working along side these doctors, researchers collected the live fetal tissue. Ultimately, they extracted the virus from the 27th aborted baby’s kidney, labeling it RA273. (R=Rubella, A=Abortus, 27=27th abortion in the study, 3=3rd tissue explanted) This virus was then cultivated on WI-38 (Wistar Institute No. 38) a cell line produced from the lung tissue of a 3 months gestation female baby, electively aborted in Sweden. But prior to perfecting Wl-38, there were numerous other abortions involved in the research. Ultimately, scientists documented at least 8 elective abortions to produce the rubella vaccine alone.

Following the US lead, 10 years later scientists in the UK developed MRC-5, taken from the lung tissue of a male baby aborted at 14 weeks gestation. These two fetal cell lines are used to continuously cultivate the weakened virus strains of several diseases to produce vaccines.

Current Trends
Because the pharmaceutical industry perceives public acceptance of the current vaccines, they continue to utilize both existing and new aborted fetal sources for vaccine development. The latest is a new fetal cell line, PER C6, created by Dutch pharmaceutical, Crucell, NV. This cell line uses the retinal tissue of an 18-week gestation baby, created specifically for vaccine development.

A Choice — And A Moral Duty!
Similar to adult stem cell therapies, which are viable alternatives to using destroyed human embryos, vaccines can be made using ethical sources. Instead, the present tainted vaccines have been used to justify further immoral research. In August 2001 President Bush rationalized funding embryonic stem cell research by using the chickenpox vaccine as a precedent, since the embryos, like the aborted babies, had already been destroyed. But in both cases, human beings were intentionally and callously slaughtered for research purposes. Unless the public refuses to tolerate this exploitation of our unborn, it will only worsen. We were successful with our smallpox campaign by demanding an ethical alternative and we must continue this soil of pressure. In a recent Vatican document, our moral duty to do just that was made abundantly clear:

“Doctors and fathers of families have a duty to take recourse to alternative vaccines. . . putting pressure on the political authorities and health systems so that other vaccines without moral problems become available. They should take recourse, if necessary, to the use of conscientious objection with regard to the use of vaccines produced by means of cell lines of aborted human foetal origin. Equally, they should oppose by all means in writing, through the various associations, mass media, etc., the vaccines which do not yet have morally acceptable alternatives, creating pressure so that alternative vaccines are prepared, which are not connected with the abortion of a human foetus, and requesting rigorous legal control of the pharmaceutical industry producers?” (PAFL June2005)

US & Canada – Aborted Fetal Cell Line Products

Disease Product Name Manufacturer Fetal Cell Line
Chickenpox Varivax, Varilrix Merck, GSK WI-38, MRC-5
Hepatitis A Vaqta, Havrix Avaxim, Epaxal Merck, GSK- Sanofi, Berna MRC-5 MRC-5
Hepatitis A & B
Hepatitis A & Typhoid
Measles/Mumps/Rubella MMR, Priorix Merck, GSK RA273, WI-38
Measles-Rubella MR Vax
RA273, WI-38
RA273, MRC-5
Mumps-Rubella Biavax 11 Merck RA273, Wl-38
Rubella Meruvax II Merck RA273, Wl-38
MMR + Chickenpox ProQuad/MMR-V Merck RA273, WI-38, MRC-5
Polio Poliovax,
DT Polio Adsorb.
Sanofi Pasteur MRC-5
Polio Combination
(DTaP + polio + HiB)
Pentacel, Infanrix, Quadracel Sanofi Pasteur MRC-5
Rabies Imovax Sanoli Pasteur MRC-5
Rheumatoid Arthritis Enbrel Amgen WI-26 VA4
Sepsis Xigris Eli Lilly HEK-293
Shingles Zostavax Merck WI-38, MRC-5
New: Smallpox Acambis 1000 Acambis MRC-5
In Development Ebola TBA Crucell/NIH PER C6
In Development Flu,
Avian Flu
TBA MedImmune
Vaxin, Sanofi
In Development: HIV MRKAd5 HIV-1 Merck PER C6

US & Canada – Ethical Alternatives

Disease Ethical Version Manufacturer Cell Line
Chickenpox None N/A N/A
Hepatitis A Aimmungen
Not available in US
(Japan & Europe)
Vero (monkey)
Hepatitis A & B
Hepatitis A & Typhoid
Engerix Hep-B Only
Comvax Hep-B Only
Measles/Mumps/Rubella None N/A N/A
Measles-Rubella Attenuvax (Measles Only) Merck Chick embryo
Mumps-Rubella Mumpsvax (Mumps Only) Merck Chick embryo
Rubella Takahashi
Not available in US
Kitasato Institute
(Japan & Europe)
MMR + Chickenpox None N/A N/A
Polio IPOL Sanofi Pasteur Vero (monkey)
Polio Combination
(DTaP + polio + HiB)
Pediacel Pediarix + HIB
IPOL + any DTaP
Vero (monkey)
Rabies RabAvert Chiron Chick embryo
Rheumatoid Arthritis Humira Abbott Labs CH Hamster Ovary
Sepsis Ask your doctor N/A N/A
Shingles None N/A N/A
New: Smallpox ACAM2000, MVA3000 Acambis/Baxter Vero, Chick Embryo
In Development Ebola None N/A N/A
In Development Flu,
Avian Flu
FluVirin, Flu Shield, Flumist, FluZone, FluBlok Chiron, Medimmune, Sanofi, Protein Science Chick embryo
In Development: HIV None N/A N/A
NOTE: Immune-Globulin shots will provide temporary immunity (4-6 months) for Hepatitis-A and Rubella (3 months)
Physician Order Line: Merck (Measles, Mumps) 800-422-9675
OSK: (Hepatitis-B) 866-475-8222
Sanofi Pasteur: (Polio) 800-822-2463
Chiron:(Rabies) 800 244-7668 (PST)
Wyeth: (Flu) 800 666-7248

How Can You Help?

  • Ask your doctor to supply the existing ethical alternatives.
  • Support our FLICA legislation which demands fair labeling and informed choice on medical products using aborted fetal or embryonic cell lines.
  • Get the word out — let the Pharmaceutical Companies know how you feel – and join
The Campaign For Ethical Vaccines

To read about legislation, obtain copies of petition or for further information, visit the website: Children of God For Life

NOTE: As new vaccines are being developed Children of God for Life will monitor their production and list them on our website and in our brochures, which are frequently updated.